Durango Open Trails - Trails Are Open!

The trails at Three Springs – which lead to the popular Telegraph Trail System – are open and getting more and more popular with cyclists, walkers, runners and families out for a stroll. An easy to follow map is available from the Three Springs Information Center which outlines the trails within Three Springs and the access points to the Telegraph Trail System.

Trails in Durango

You’ll notice some interesting features designed for your enjoyment and for your safety as you walk, run or bike the Three Springs open trails. For example, look for interpretive signage along the way, where you’ll read about native grasses, wetlands area information, native bird species and more. It’s not unlikely that you’ll see a Great Blue Heron or two during your journey. There are also benches along the way so you can stop and relax, and you’ll notice that the trails go UNDER the streets here at Three Springs – through fun, well-lit tunnels – so your journey won’t be interrupted by “looking both ways.” (Although we ask that you take all the normal precautions as you use Three Springs for your exercise and enjoyment!)

Stop by the Information Center to grab your trail map or click here for a printable pdf!