Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Three Springs different from other developments?
A. Three Springs is the region’s only Traditional Neighborhood Development — a unique master planned community based on smart growth and traditional neighborhood planning principles. Three Springs has grown into a neighborhood of its own character, charm and continues to do so — as all true “neighborhoods” do. We enjoy the benefits of brand new construction and the energy efficiencies of today combined with the tradition of older Durango neighborhoods with narrow tree-lined streets, a mix of uses, small walkable blocks and alley-loaded garages.

Q. What is the scheduled build-out of the homes in Three Springs?
A. Full development at Three Springs may take place over 20+ years and will be dependent on market demand.

Q. When will the City’s Community Park be available for use?
A. The 75-acre park located on the northeast edge of Village I will be built in multiple phases and is dependent on City funding.  In addition to Three Springs Plaza, Confluence Park features a playground and picnic area near the Cottonwood Inn facility on Prospector Street. There are several neighborhood parks that are great gathering places for our residents.

Q. What retail/services are here and envisioned in the near future?
A. Approximately 78,000 sf of retail and office space at 65, 125, and 175 Mercado Street is occupied and in full swing. There is also a free standing dental office, physical rehabilitation center, and restaurants located on 125 Mercado Street (Home Slice Pizza) and at the base of the Confluence Apartments (Taco Boy).  Mercado Corner Market, located on the corner of Confluence Avenue and Mercado Street, offers a wide variety of wine, beer, spirits, grab-n-go meals, snacks, and sundries.

Q. Will there be a grocery store at Three Springs?
A. Three Springs anticipates development of a neighborhood grocery store located in the Three Springs Crossing area west of Mercy Regional Medical Center.

Q. What does “sustainability” mean?
A. At Three Springs, sustainability involves planning and living responsibly with future generations in mind so that they may enjoy Three Springs as originally envisioned. Innovative measures oriented toward water conservation, energy efficiency, environmental air quality, material resources, education, economic viability, and community-building are only part of Three Springs’ commitment to creating an enduring community.

My Neighborhood

Q. Where is the best place to exercise my dog? Do I need a leash?
A. The trails of Confluence Park and the Southern Open Space are great for walking your pet. As a dog owner, please become familiar with the City of Durango’s rules and regulations. Dogs must be on a leash on any public property (sidewalks, streets, trails) and may not be left tied up or unattended. Please remember to clean up dog waste and always carry bags for this purpose.

Q. How do I find out about neighborhood community events?
A. The very best place is this very website! Look here for our full event schedule, or here for recent news about Three Springs. You can also call us at 970-764-6000.

Q. Should I expect there to be construction activities near my home?
A. Construction for the homes at Three Springs will be on-going for many years; however, Three Springs is planning home construction in such a way to avoid inconvenience for our current residents as much as possible. You can expect to move into a finished area with landscaping, sidewalks and fencing. It is possible that homes on adjacent lots or blocks may be in various stages of construction. A typical construction schedule from groundbreaking to landscaping is anticipated to be at least 4-5 months (weather and market dependent).

My Home

Q. What are my responsibilities for landscape maintenance?
A. All homeowners and tenants are responsible for the maintenance/irrigation and replacement of landscaping within the lot and as provided on the alley shoulders. Lots fronting on streets are also responsible for; 1) maintenance, irrigation and replacement of landscaping within the park strips on the public right-of-way and; 2) debris removal, snow removal and replacement of sidewalks.

Q. What amenities are available?
A. Paved trails for walking, running and bicycling throughout Three Springs are alive with bikers and walkers, nature enthusiasts and casual strollers. The Three Springs Plaza in the Mercado District houses outdoor entertainment. Access to the locally-popular Telegraph Trail network with its 47 miles of trails for hiking, trail running and mountain biking with access directly from the Mercy Regional Medical Center complex parking lot.

Q. If I live on a green court, may I restrict or control activities on that space?
A. The green court is owned and maintained by the Metropolitan District #1 for the benefit of all residents and occupants. Adjacent property owners may not restrict activities on the public open space which is primarily a passageway to the adjacent park lands.

Q. What steps do I need to take if I want to make improvements to my home or garage?
A. The Three Springs Design Review Committee (DRC) must review and approve all improvements or alterations to the landscaping and building exteriors. You should schedule a pre-design meeting with the Three Springs team to discuss procedures, fees, and submittal materials. Contact the Three Springs Community Manager at 970-422-8660 for more information.

Q. May I rent my home?
A. Yes. You may rent or lease your property to no more than four occupants per residential property and for long-term rentals only. Please make sure that your lease agreement obligates your tenants to comply with the governing documents for Three Springs including the Three Springs Master Association and the Three Springs Residential Association.

Q. Where do I receive my mail?
A. Mail is delivered to your locked box in a neighborhood mail box cluster located just a short walk from your front door. Stop into the Three Springs Community Manager’s Office after your closing to pick up your mailbox keys.

Q. Who is responsible for snow removal on streets, alleys, and sidewalks?
A. The City of Durango will plow the public streets and alleys, and a snow removal contractor of the Residential Association will plow the private alleys for green court residential access. The City will notify residents of parking procedures on the Street for snow plow access. Homeowners and tenants on lots fronting the street are also responsible for snow removal on the sidewalks adjacent to the lot. The Metropolitan District is responsible for snow removal on sidewalks adjoining green court lots.

Q. Where is my trash collected?
A. Trash and recycling are collected at Three Springs weekly by the City of Durango. Residents in blocks fronting a public street should place trash containers in the shoulder of the alley at the garage. Residents who live on a private (or hammer head) alley should carry or roll trash down the alley to a location on the public street corner (out of traffic circulation patterns). To ensure that your trash will be picked up, please do not place containers too close to parked cars. All trash containers should be removed at the end of trash collection day and stored within fenced areas or garages. Trash containers should not be stored on a front porch. The City of Durango’s website has detailed information about recycling and waste removal.

Q. Does my house have internet services?
A. Your home is wired for fiber optic technology and includes options for digital phone, digital cable (including HDTV and DV/R), and online high speed internet services.  Pease contact your local providers for package options. We are proud to say that Three Springs was the first Durango community with a fiber optic technology network.

Q. May I install a satellite dish?
A. Should you desire to receive satellite dish reception in lieu of the cable package, you may subscribe with the provider of your choice. An antenna or dish shall not exceed eighteen inches (18”) in diameter and must be approved by the Design Review Committee (DRC). The DRC recommends that the dish be installed on the side yard elevation or rear elevation face and within the fenced portion of the yard. The dish may not be mounted on the front of the house. Contact the Three Springs Community Manager at 970-422-8660 for a DRC application.

Q. May my neighbor park in front of my house?
A. Yes. On-street parking in Three Springs is available for use by all, including visitors. As a resident, you are encouraged to park in your garage.

Q. Where do I park my RV, boat, or camper trailer?
A. You should plan to store these items off-site.

Governing Bodies

Q. When do I pay my Metropolitan District tax assessment?
A. The Metropolitan District tax assessment is included in your property tax bill and paid annually (due February-June) to the La Plata County Treasurer.

Q. When do I pay my annual homeowners’ fees?
A.The annual Master Association and Residential Association assessments will be billed quarterly. You will receive a notice from the Associations in March, June, September and December. A onetime, non-refundable Working Capital Fee (equal to the annual assessment) for both the Master Association and the Residential Association is payable at the time of purchase. Visit the Three Springs Associations page for more information and contact information.

Contact Information

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