Testimonials From Satisfied Buyers

I am proud to be the first settler in Three Springs. I moved to Three Springs from my in-town Durango home because I liked the “built green” concept (my heating bills have been reduced by almost half), as well as the closeness to walking and hiking paths, offices, shops and a restaurant. I’ve met all the other residents here and already feel a strong sense of community. As for the Three Springs staff members – they have been wonderful to work with, responding to and anticipating my needs every step of the way, from purchase to move-in and beyond. It’s great to be a “pioneer” in one of Durango’s newest, most beautiful neighborhoods, and I am so looking forward to the new friends and lasting memories I will make here. Come see for yourself if a Three Springs address is where you’ll call home. I’d love to have you as a new neighbor!

Barbara Martin Three Springs Neighbor

Bonnie, one of our Three Springs Residents, wrote this Blog Post about her home-search and buying experience in her move back to Durango. Thank you Bonnie!

Bonnie Rozean is the Finance Manager for 4CORE. She is excited to be living in Durango for the second time around after a 12 year hiatus.

“At our next opportunity my husband and I checked out the offerings on Oxbow Circle in Three Springs; the foundations were already in and a rendering of the homes were available to view. We settled on the curing concrete pad and took in our surroundings – a pinion studded hillside to the west with one elderly pinion snag standing sentry and to the east a small pocket park with newly planted deciduous trees. This was different than we had envisioned and yet it felt so perfect…

“Three Springs is a BEAUTIFUL and quiet, friendly neighborhood. We love walking to Digs Restaurant and walking our dogs on the trails. We simply love it here!”

Joanie and David Three Springs Neighbors

“Our family loves living here! The homes are beautiful and energy efficient and we cannot wait to move into our new home!
Obdulia and Steve H. Three Springs Neighbors

“Three Springs is a great place to live. The friendly people make it a community that I feel part of with kids and adults out and about using the trails and parks!”
Kathy H. Three Springs Neighbor

“We love Three Springs! We love the sense of community, parks and trails! We know it will only get better as more restaurants and retailers move in. I work over at Mercy and I love my commute! We are proud to say we live and work in Three Springs.”
Crystal N. Three Springs Neighbors

“When we found Three Springs on the internet, our expectation was to get to know people in the neighborhood. The reality is that we have made great friends. Friends that we can count on if we need anything. We love living in Three Springs!”
Melanie E. Three Springs Neighbors

“I am excited about participating in this concept of living!”
Carol F. Three Springs Neighbor

“Although the houses are close together, the neighborhood is very quiet and most everyone is respectful and friendly.”
Anonymous Three Springs Neighbor

“I love Three Springs so much that I quit my old job to move back to Durango!”
Anonymous Three Springs Neighbor

“For the stage of our lives, Three Springs offers us what we want…a smaller, energy efficient, easy to take care of home. We hope with the sidewalks and front porches, we will easily get to know our neighbors. We look forward to additional amenities for food, shopping, and dining that will reduce the need to drive into town. We know that will come!”
Anonymous Three Springs Neighbor

“We love our home, our neighbors, how well maintained it is here. Our grandchildren love the parks and the path for bike riding!”
Anonymous Three Springs Neighbor

“We just love the neighborhood and our new home!”
Janice U. Three Springs Neighbor

“It is a great place to live!”
Julie M. Three Springs Neighbor

“We love living in Three Springs. We have been watching the area grow for several years. Our home is so comfortable, the neighbors so friendly and we love the neighborhood feel!”
Anonymous Three Springs Neighbor

“I knew from the first time I drove into the neighborhood, it had the right feel! I love the view coming into the neighborhood, the homes, the people living here, and the friendliness of all the Three Springs staff. We have felt welcome from the first day we moved in!”
Mark and Michelle M. Three Springs Neighbors

“Three Springs is a neighborhood with a feel of family and friendliness!”
Anonymous Three Springs Neighbor

“Pretty simple, so far I like it here and intend to live here a long while!”
Judy C. Three Springs Neighbor

“Love this neighborhood! Safe, well maintained, and friendly!”
Rodney and Kelsey H. Three Springs Neighbor

“We absolutely love living in Three Springs! It is the new desirable neighborhood to be in Durango and we love our home!”
Anonymous Three Springs Neighbor

“I love Three Springs because of the open areas, my energy efficient home, walking trails and green space that I don’t have to maintain and because I feel safe and know my children are safe to play in the neighborhood!”
Anna R. Three Springs Neighbor

“I really like on summer evenings how neighbors are out on their front porches and kids running around playing. My son likes the fact that we can catch tadpoles in the little ponds and he can ride his bike safely on the bike paths. We have really enjoyed the trails up behind the houses and love that we can go for a hike or a ride without getting into the car. The landscape is always well taken care of and the snow removed promptly from the sidewalks and roads.”
Sara Three Springs Neighbor