The Developers & Visionaries

Three Springs is being developed by GF Properties Group, LLC — a Southern Ute Growth Fund entity. GF Properties Group, LLC has expertise in planning and development, investment and project/asset management. Its diverse real estate portfolio with investments in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin consists of residential and mixed-use land for sale as well as investments in retail, office and industrial, and multifamily condominiums. The firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, which enjoys the highest credit rating in the state of Colorado. The Southern Ute Indian Tribe is headquartered in neighboring Ignacio, Colorado and The Tribe is proud to be developing an environmentally-conscious community in their own corner of Southwest Colorado — a community that offers the unique combination of natural beauty, immediate access to Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle, innovations in green living, and best-in-class homebuilder partners.

About Three Springs

For Generations To Come

The innovative solutions for water conservation, energy efficiency, air quality, recycling, education, economic viability and community-building at Three Springs were not afterthoughts. These have always been the original plan in preserving the green homes in the neighborhoods we are creating here. Long-term preservation of this community and its land originated when the land was purchased and planning began in 2001 and 2002.

Visionaries, leaders, builders and planners who have guided the creation of green homes in Three Springs have always had a passion for the bigger picture. The goal has always been to create a place that not only enhances the quality of life for the people today but also for future generations.

Take a look at how our “green” practices are benefiting all those who live, work, shop, and play in the Three Springs neighborhood.

  • Trees and shrubs have been replanted and are thriving in neighborhood gathering areas.
  • Plum Trees have been planted as part of Fort Lewis College’s “Food For Thought” program.
  • We were the first neighborhood in Durango to author and adhere to a comprehensive Sustainable Development Program.
  • Energy efficient lights have been installed on neighborhood trails and streets to maintain a “Night Sky” atmosphere.
  • Neighbors at Three Springs utilize the City of Durango’s single stream recycling program.
  • Three Springs established a Green Cleaning Program in the Mercado District commercial buildings to provide a clean, safe, and healthy working environment for staff and visitors alike.
  • The buildings at 125 and 175 Mercado Street have been built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards set forth by the US Green Building Council.
  • Nearly 80% of our construction waste has been diverted from landfills and recycled instead!
  • Homes at Three Springs consume 33% less energy than typical homes built to code.

Our Traditional Neighborhood Development

The Three Springs Neighborhood is founded on the principles of Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), a responsible land stewardship ethic, and the historic and cultural values of Durango and Southwest Colorado. Through its compact mixed use design, tree-lined thoroughfares, generous parks and compatible urban design qualities, Three Springs embodies the principles of neighborhood and community.

The 681-acre Three Springs Neighborhood complements the Mercy Regional Medical Center campus by providing a walkable environment and accessible open spaces. The traditional neighborhood design mixes commercial districts and residential neighborhoods, designed with short, walkable blocks in a village structure designed for pedestrians as well as cars. A diverse range of housing styles and sizes generally feature front porches and features which encourage a neighborhood feel. A safe, efficient and connected circulation system promotes pedestrian, bicycle and public transit modes of transportation as a means to increase mobility and help reduce the dependency on the single-occupant motor vehicle as a primary mode choice.

Village Centers  integrate commercial, residential, and civic uses fostering a unique sense of community by providing convenient shopping, restaurants and office uses. The centrally located Three Springs Plaza provides venues for meetings, concerts, exhibitions and serves as a center for socializing and gathering. Two schools, neighborhood parks and a future community park are located within a ten-minute walk from Three Springs Plaza.