Moving Forward With Expansion Plans for the Mercado District

In a time when there is little news of growth, Three Springs is pleased to be moving forward with the development of Durango’s newest neighborhood!

According to Three Springs General Manager Tim Zink, architects are being sought to design several buildings for use as commercial space and apartments. Among these would be another mixed-use building next to the three existing buildings on Mercado Street. Mercado Street runs through the core of Village One and is the center of the neighborhood activities. Another building for medical office space could be located directly across Mercado Street.  Plans also include a commercial building at the roundabout leading to the hospital’s main entrance.

So far, 17 residential units in Three Springs are occupied. All the second-floor office space in the mixed-use buildings is occupied, and various retail tenants have moved into the ground level. Three Springs’ first restaurant, Digs Market Café, is expected to open soon.

“We’re still rolling steadily forward,” Tim said.