Holiday Fitness, Anytime Fitness!

The Holidays are a time for great food, great fun, and lots of cheer!  But- that doesn’t mean you have to add inches to your waistline. Make conscientious decisions about what you put on your plate, limit your portions, and avoid excessive sweets and alcohol. And- most importantly, don’t forget to exercise!  The recommended helping for health is 3-5,  50 minute exercise sessions, per week.  Anytime Fitness at Three Springs can help you with that:

Anytime Fitness - Gym in Durango Colorado

Put it On Your Calendar

Spin Class–  Extra Portions of Spinning available through the Holiday Season.
Tuesdays and Thursdays-  5:45pm
Get there early- classes have been near capacity, come early to ensure a spot.

Boot Camp-50/50 –  Need to boost your current routine?
Tuesdays and Thursdays- 12:00 on the dot!
Drop and give me 20.  BootCamp 5050 is intended to give you a cardio and strength training workout that will your boost your current exercise program.  Bootcamp 50/50 is taught by Caroline Buchta, a Certified Fitness Instructor. 

50/50 Begins December 2nd. Two sessions per week will help you stay fitness focused through the Holidays and will help you kick off your New Year in the right way!  1 hour long sessions, Tues/Thurs at Noon, Dec. 2- Dec 18th.  Non-members $10, Members- $6.

Iron Horse Training– Start now!
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday   6:30am
Take the Iron Horse Challenge- Ride up Shalona, Coal Bank and Molace inside starting December 1, Before you hit the road outside in May!  Join us for a 6 month training program that will have you ready for the big ride.  Julie Angle, Certified Spin Instructor, will lead you through a successful training program at Anytime Fitness.  *Iron Horse Fees and Training/Membership Fees apply; inquire at Anytime Fitness. 

Now is the time get fit. Join Us! Anytime Fitness is currently offering unbeatable holiday specials.  Conveniently located at Three Springs, Anytime Fitness is accessible- anytime- Exercise on your own schedule!

For membership rates and more information, contact Anytime Fitness, 259-3007