Cleopatra’s Three Springs Barge Takes Second At Snowdown

Snowdown On Da Nile– this year’s Egyptian theme- had many Snowdown participants decked out in togas, loincloths, and sandals… things Durangoans do for fun in the middle of winter!  This year, Three Springs was one of 48 local businesses/organizations to enter the Snowdown Parade.  Theme oriented floats boasted King Tut, Egyptian Pharos, and many Pyramids; even a group of hens- inspired by a new City of Durango law allowing chickens within the city limits- clucked their way down Main Avenue.


“Cleopatra’s Three Springs Barge,” was made from recycled construction materials supplied by Phoenix Recycling, which is located in Three Springs.  With coordination from Tierra Group and GF Properties employees, Mercado District tenants, and Three Springs neighbors created “Cleopatra’s Three Springs Barge” and floated down Main Avenue to a 2nd place finish in the Commercial III category.

The hundreds of onlookers that line the sidewalks of Main Avenue is evidence that the Snowdown Parade is a success. Many spectators even come early to get the best views. Groups and organizations build floats based upon the Snowdown theme to win prizes and trophies. Truth be told… they really just want to be part of the Snowdown Festivities that are authentically Durango.

Back in 1979 when Snowdown first started, locals called the festival “The Winter Celebration.” Now known around the Four Corners as Durango’s Snowdown- the festivities have become a favorite to locals. “Everyone is invited to dream up some kind of event that gets people out on the street,” says Terry Fiedler, Event Originator and Coordinator.  Over 60 contests are available for folks to participate in and hundreds of people come out of their cozy houses to do just that.  From the Snowdown Follies to the Bicycle Roller Races, the events get wilder every year. To view 2009’s Snowdown Calendar of Events and Photos from contests, or to prepare for 2010’s “Surf’s Up Snowdown, Life’s a Beach,” visit