Tierra Group Is Honored The 2008 Green Business Award

In a recent ceremony, the Tierra Group, premier builder of Three Springs, received the 2008 Green Business Leadership Award from the Durango Chamber of Commerce. The award is determined by the Green Business Roundtable, which recognized Tierra Group demonstrating leadership, risk, and innovation in utilizing environmentally responsible products, creating and maintaining healthy business practices, and creating sustainable developments.

Three Springs is proud to partner with Tierra Group. Their commitment to innovative design and responsible growth is a great complement to Three Springs and its Sustainable Development Program.  Tierra Group has followed building standards set forth by Built Green® Colorado while creating the first neighborhoods. In fact, all of the homes at Three Springs exceed Built Green® Colorado Standards. Standards include but are not limited to:


  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Lower maintenance by using durable building products

  • Increased indoor air quality

  • Reduced water usage

  • Preservation of natural resources

“The purpose of Built Green® Colorado is to encourage home builders to use technologies,  products and practices that result in homes that are better built and better for the environment,” as stated on builtgreen.org. Not only is Tierra Group’s innovative design and responsible build-out better for the environment, it’s better for our neighbors pocketbooks too.  Three Springs homeowners are seeing significant decreases in their utility bills: La Plata Electrical (49% savings) Atmos Energy (53% savings), and that is something we are all proud of. To see utilities cost analysis click either link above.

For more information on Built Green® Colorado,  visit builtgreen.org. Find your next Built Green® Home at Three Springs by using the Homefinder tool. Or complete the Contact Us form and a Three Springs or Tierra Group representative will contact you.

The savings you’ll see once you’ve moved in to your Three Springs Built Green® home are incredible.  View a utilities comparison of a 1950’s in-town home and a new Built Green® Three Springs home: 53% Savings with Atmos Energy and 49% Savings with La Plata Electric.  See above links.

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