Business District FAQ

If you are thinking of starting a new business or relocating your current offices, Three Springs Mercado District might be the right fit for you. Brand new office space, with varying square footage, and commercial pad sites, where you can build your own office, are currently available at Three Springs. We want to show you around the Three Springs neighborhood because we know your business would be a great fit at Three Springs.

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Here, we’ve answered a few of the most frequently asked questions that business owners, just like yourself, have asked us. If you have any more, we’d be happy to answer those too.  Just complete the Contact Us form.

Q. What is Three Springs?

A. Three Springs is a 680 acre master planned, mixed-use community, being developed by GF Properties Group, LLC , a wholly-owned business of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Growth Fund.  Over the next twenty years, build-out of Three Springs will include 2,000+ homes and over 340,000 square feet of retail/commercial space, acres of preserved open space, an elementary and middle school, several neighborhood parks, and so much more.

Three Springs is founded on the principles of a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), the only of its type in Southwest Colorado. The neighborhood concept is a fundamental building block of development at Three Springs.  Operating under a comprehensive Sustainable Development Program, growth at Three Springs is smart. Developers and builders have paid particular attention to the impact that the Three Springs development has on the community and have taken measures to reduce the impact on our environment. The Sustainable Development Program at Three Springs is designed to create a healthy, livable, and sustainable community with enhanced quality of life for present and future generations at Three Springs.

People are the foundation of the development of Three Springs.  The neighborhood concept is fundamental to Three Springs and it encourages a diverse and interesting mix of uses.

Q. Where is Three Springs located?

A. Three Springs, annexed into the City of Durango, CO, is right in the center of La Plata County.  All areas of the Four Corners easily access Three Springs via HWY’s 160 and 550.  Durango La Plata County Airport is approximately 10 miles away from Three Springs, making it easily accessed from hub cities – Denver via United Airlines, and Phoenix and Dallas via American Airlines.

Q. How many people will live in Three Springs?

A. It is estimated that the Three Springs development will add 1/4 of the current population (18,588, 2019 census reports) of Durango to the community, approximately 3,000-5,000 people.

Q. What Businesses are Currently Located in Three Springs Mercado District?

A. There are many vibrant businesses located in Three Springs, please visit our Business Directory for a full listing.

Q. What types of businesses will succeed at Three Springs?

A. Three Springs is a mixed-use community.  We are looking for a variety of businesses. Grocery stores/markets, physicians’ offices, retail shops, daycare centers, etc.  We want our residents to have access to everyday activities and we want our businesses to thrive in a growing community, so we continue to seek a variety of tenants.

Q. What type of a market does Three Springs attract?

A. Because of the amazing quality of life offered at Three Springs, every type of person is attracted to Three Springs.  Baby boomers, young families, grandparents, young professionals, highly educated individuals, you name it- Three Springs has it.

Q. What else is on the Three Springs site?

A. 60 Acres of land were donated to Mercy Regional Medical Center by Three Springs developers.  Mercy Regional Medical Center, one of the largest employers in Southwest Colorado, is the area’s most comprehensive medical facility employing over 1000 individuals.  Adjacent to Mercy, is the Medical Office Building housing many medical specialty offices and care facilities.

Three Springs will be the site of the next 9-R Elementary and Middle School adding even more users to the Three Springs neighborhood.

Q. What are the demographics of La Plata County and what is its rate of growth?

A. With an annual growth rate of 2.7%, it is estimated that 56,221 people live in La Plata County and an additional 16,000 people will arrive by 2025. The community is 51% male, 49% female.  The Southern Ute Indian Tribe is the largest employer in La Plata County, with Mercy Regional Medical Center- located at Three Springs- ranking second.

Q. How will my company or business benefit from being located at Three Springs?

A. There are so many reasons, but a few that we think are most important are: We’re located in the center of La Plata County; it’s easy for people to get to and from your business.  Mercy Regional Medical Center is our neighbor.

Three Springs holds community events, like outdoor movies and live concerts, that bring visitors to Three Springs and therefore to the Mercado District… to your business.

Q. What type of relationship will my business have with Three Springs?

A. Three Springs wants your business to be successful- so we’re happy to help where we can.  Obviously there are contractual agreements and policies that all parties must abide by.  However, Three Springs can be as involved or uninvolved in your businesses progress here as you’d like.  Our current tenants have told us that their Three Springs experience has been very productive and cooperative.

Q. My business is small, but looking to expand. Can Three Springs accommodate this growth?

A. Because we hold the same desire to grow, we understand your need for flexibility.  We want to help you be successful at Three Springs. So, you have several options in square footage. We can discuss your options and see what fits your business the best.

Q. I’ve looked at several Office Complexes, but would have to remodel if I choose to move in.  Would I have to remodel at Three Springs?  What are my options?

A. You have several options at Three Springs, varied square footage, location, pad sites, etc.- but most importantly, you have the option to make your offices at Three Springs all your own.  You can start from the ground up. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you when you need it.

It’s also important to know that all construction at Three Springs meets or exceeds the standards of The Three Springs Sustainable Development Program. Being environmentally and energy efficient saves your business money, and it makes for a healthy work place, which means happier employees and an increased retention rate.

Q. I’m really interested in Three Springs, how do I inquire about Commercial Real Estate or Pad Sites that are available at Three Springs?

A. Click here to complete a contact form and we’ll get you information you requested.