Three Springs Associations

Welcome to the Three Springs Master and Residential Association Information page. If you have any questions, please email us ( or call 970.764.6424.

Important Notifications

Association Meeting Dates:

Following is the schedule apdopted for 2017.  All meetings will be held in the 65 Mercado Street 2nd floor conference room.

5:30 Wednesday , March 15, 2017                        Quarterly Meeting
5:30 Wednesday, June 21, 2017                            Quarterly Meeting
5:30 Wednesday, Sept 20, 2017                            Quarterly Meeting
6:00 Wednesday, Sept 20, 2017                            Annual Meeting
5:30 Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017                             Quarterly Meeting


Board Members:

Kurt Prinslow, President

Jon Penny, Secretary

Tim Zink, Treasurer


Important Documents




6/21/17:   Residential Association     Master Association

5/18/2017:  Master Association – Special Mtg.

03/23/2017:  Residential Association – Special Mtg.

03/15/2017:  Residential Association     Master Association

12/14/2016:   Residential Association     Master Association

09/21/2016:   Residential Annual Member Meeting    Master Annual Member Meeting



5/31/2017:           Residential Association     Master Association

11/30/2016:         Residential Association    Master Association


Budgets:            Residential Association     Master Association


Residential Association

Information pertinent to recent violations (referenced in July 2017 Scoop): Three Springs CC&R’s, Article IV, Section 4.2

Articles of Incorporation,  BY-LAWS,  CC&R’s, and   Amendment and Restated Residential Declaration of CC&R’s and Policies, Procedures and Rules

Master Association

Articles of Incorporation, BY-LAWS, CC&R’s and  Policies Procedures and Rules



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