The Three Springs community began with a plan and a vision for a better way of living that brought together the very best of traditional neighborhoods and packaged it with the very smartest way to build and grow in today’s world. The sense of community that we see at Three Springs continues to astound and make us smile. We see generations of families living here just a few homes apart. We have no “typical” resident — from active retirees to recently graduated young people embarking on the start of their careers and young families with children who tell us that they like it at Three Springs because it “just seems greener.”

Three Springs Lifestyle

The Three Springs Lifestyle

Life at Three Springs has been intentionally planned to be a natural extension of life in Durango, Colorado.You will get to know your neighbor from your own front porch, local social events, or frequent strolls along the Three Springs trail system. Three Springs is surrounded by the Telegraph Trail System and, of course, has easy access to all that Durango has to offer: the river, the mountains, the high desert, and the purple cliffs. Views from the Three Springs valley are amazing and the neighborhoods have been designed to take advantage of these views from the moment you turn onto Three Springs Boulevard.

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Three Springs Lifestyle

The Neighborhood

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….a beautiful day for a neighbor. Mr. Rogers must have known about Three Springs! The neighborhoods at Three Springs have created such a sense of belonging for our residents that we see people just “hanging out” on porches; having playdates in the parks; getting together for trail rides and runs. Sure, our neighborhood is made up of fantastic energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes, but it’s the people inside who have created the soul of Three Springs.

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Three Springs Lifestyle

Spotlight on Durango

There are a lot of national publications writing about Durango. The town and our area appear on the “best of” lists frequently.

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