A Traditional Neighborhood Development

New Urbanism

Durango Traditional Neighborhood Development

The Three Springs Neighborhood is founded on the principles of Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), a responsible land stewardship ethic, and the historic and cultural values of Durango and Southwest Colorado. Through its compact mixed use design, tree-lined thoroughfares, generous parks and compatible urban design qualities, Three Springs embodies the principles of neighborhood and community.

The neighborhood concept is the fundamental building-block of development at Three Springs. It encourages a diverse and interesting mix of uses and emphasizes a compact form of development with opportunities for an improved quality of life for residents and visitors. The principles of Traditional Neighborhood Development, also known as Smart Growth or New Urbanism, are based on a responsible land stewardship ethic with development on a compact environmental footprint carefully designed to provide:

• A sense of place
• Dense development pattern
• Mix of land uses
• Enhanced site environment
• Green Space connections
• Neighborhood connections
• Community connections
• Livable, walkable streets
• A lively urban center
• Well-defined public realm
• Housing and demographic diversity
• Employment diversity

Three Springs Development Agreement

This agreement between the City of Durango and Three Springs provides the necessary assurances regarding specific aspects of the project and defines the build-out scope and timeline, specific design and development standards, land and water dedications, infrastructure/facility improvements, maintenance responsibilities, internal governance, administrative review process, vesting, entitlements and fees.

Three Springs Codes and Standards

(Adopted as Ordinance 2006-13 and Amendment 2 adopted May, 2012)

The Codes and Standards created specifically for the Traditional Neighborhood Development at Three Springs are administered by the City in place of the City’s Land Use Development Code (LUDC). The Codes and Standards provide a form-based system of development regulations that address the urban form of buildings in context to the individual lots and parcels and address urban spaces, thoroughfares, park land and open spaces at Three Springs.

Three Springs Design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines provide the architectural and landscape design framework for the built environment and define architectural styles and character, building types, massing, materials and color for all mixed-use commercial, civic, single-family and multi-family residential uses, as well as, public and private landscapes.

Three Springs Sustainable Development Program

The Sustainable Development Program establishes a comprehensive program designed to create a healthy, livable and sustainable community with enhanced quality of life for present and future generations at Three Springs. The program provides green construction standards for energy efficiency, water conservation and material use and programmatic aspects promoting ecological planning practices, sustainable stewardship opportunities, and community-based health, social, arts and cultural programs.

For a comprehensive look at our sustainability efforts, download the 67 page “Three Springs Sustainable Development Program”.

Three Springs Sustainable Development Program – 2.7MB

Our Traditional Neighborhood Development Snapshot

The 681-acre Three Springs Neighborhood complements the Mercy Regional Medical Center campus by providing a walkable environment and accessible open spaces. The traditional neighborhood design mixes commercial districts and residential neighborhoods, designed with short, walkable blocks in a village structure designed for pedestrians as well as cars. A diverse range of housing styles and sizes generally feature front porches and garages on alleys. A safe, efficient and connected circulation system promotes pedestrian, bicycle and public transit modes of transportation as a means to increase mobility and help reduce the dependency on the single-occupant motor vehicle as a primary mode choice.

Two vibrant Village Centers integrate commercial, residential, and civic uses fostering a unique sense of community by providing convenient shopping, restaurants and office uses. A centrally located Neighborhood Center and the Three Springs Plaza will provide venues for meetings, concerts, exhibitions and serve as centers for socializing and gathering. Two schools, neighborhood parks and a future community park are located within a ten-minute walk from the center of the Three Springs Neighborhood.

Additional Information

For a comprehensive look at our sustainability efforts, download the 67 page “Three Springs Sustainable Development Program”.